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Who Exhibits?

  1. Adhesive Manufacturers & Traders
  2. CNC Routing machine
  3. Doors & Windows Manufacturing Devices & Equipment
  4. Doors & Windows Production Materials
  5. Dust extraction equipment
  6. Fittings & Accessories
  7. Joinery machinery, Machineries for the furniture industry
  8. Kiln drying & Related timber technologies
  9. Manufacturers of upholstered products Machinery & lines for finishing
  10. Presses, Clamps, Gluing & Finger jointing equipment
  11. Saw milling equipment, Accessories & Tools
  12. Wood Products: Laminates, Veneers, Plywood, Particle board, MDF, Engineered wood, Molded plywood, Panel products, Wood composites, Sawn Timber
  13. Wood treatment equipment & boilers
  14. Wood-based panels & Veneered Products
  15. Woodworking machinery plant & accessories for production of sawn timber, Veneer, article board, MDF, OSB, LVL, Plywood & Panels
  16. Woodworking materials & consumables: Edge banding materials, Adhesives, Lacquers, Polishes, Finishes, Sanding paper, Sanding materials, Abrasives, Coatings etc.
  17. Woodworking Tools

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